Last year my girlfriend's mother heard me say that I think motorcycles are cool, and that I'd be interested in learning how to ride. She offered to sell me her bike as long as I took the right steps and passed a safety class. So, last October I took a local MSF Basic Rider course to see if I could get the hang of riding on two wheels. Turns out, I can, and I got hooked. I promptly got my license endorsement, and mom dropped the bike off soon after.

I'm now the proud owner of a 1999 Kawasaki Ninja 250R! After necessary checkup & repair visits, she's been riding great. New tires, new chain, cleaned carburetor, fresh oil, the works. A great beginner bike, the 250cc engine is enough to get around town and obey speed limits, and still have fun. Lightweight and nimble, old school cool. She's just the right ride for me.

I've since geared up, and started creating content under a new handle, @megamattmoto, as a way to journal my fun new hobby. I want to make chill / safe riding content, with the occasional cheeky video game reference in between. See you on the road!

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